Wedding Flower pRICING

Pricing & Budget Estimates for Wedding Flowers

I know staying within budget is a big concern for most couples as they plan their wedding. That's why I make it a priority to work closely with you to create the flowers of your dreams for a price you can afford. Your flowers can be as extravagant or as conservative as your needs require.

How much will it all cost?


Because each wedding is different, it's not always easy to provide you with an exact quote for your wedding flowers without having all the details of your colors, the amount of flwoers, types of flowers etc.  But I can give you an idea of what's an average price. 


The Budget Bride: For couples that need to stretch their dollars, I can create simple, yet elegant, wedding flowers for as little as $50-$100, which would include a bridal bouquet and groom's boutonnière. No matter what your budget, I can work with you to create something beautiful.


An Average Wedding: The average cost of flowers for a wedding is about $500-$1,000, not including the reception. With reception flowers you can spend as much or as little as you want, depending on how much floral décor you're looking for. 


Affordable Extravagance: For couples who aren't concerned with budget, the sky is the limit! But I'll still listen to all of your requests and preferences to create something truly amazing at a price that may surprise you!


Average Costs


Bridal Bouquets - $65-120

Bridesmaids Bouquets - $45-80

Flower Girl - $15-45

Corsages - $15-25

Boutonnieres - $10-20

Altar or Ceremony Arrangements - $50-150

Pew or chair Décor - $15-50 per pew or chair




Floral Arrangements


Head Table Centerpieces - $65-150

Guest Table Centerpieces - $30-100

Toss Bouquets - $25-40

Cake Flowers - $25-65


Also Available

I also provide any number of other items customized to your wedding décor, including garland, archway decorations, and escort card flowers or favors.



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